Saturday, February 4, 2012


As you can tell I sometimes get the urge to try my hand at poetry and so I do. I ply away and see what comes and usually I fail--miserably. I think this adds to my appreciatiation of good poetry because I know that I can never inspire the way others do. I love all the greats, Poe, Frost, and Longfellow, but a poem that has always inspired me with such sweet sorrow, such strong emotion is a poem by one of my favorite actors, James Stewart. The poem is simply titled, Beau. This is what poetry is meant to do. It is meant to make you feel--feel deeply whatever it is the writer is trying to convey and it's only really a success in my book if it makes me feel. I don't want to be told what it is like to be sad or to yearn or to love or to dream, I want to feel it, experience it. Somehow, with his simple, honest prose Stewart never fails to make me cry when I read or hear him read Beau. This is what makes poetry so importent--it's ability to make us feel emotion using the written word. So, I will continue to write poetry--rather badly--in an effort to make others feel the way I do.

This is a video of Jimmy Stewart reading his poem on the Tonight Show:

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