Friday, January 27, 2012

"My Stand" A Poem

I wrote this poem after Reading the book Saint by Ted Dekker.

Here I make my stand
This is my line drawn in the sand

You preach tolerance
Until you notice our existence

Every path is equal you say
Until it comes to Jesus' way

You call us close minded
Because we believe that the only way is narrow and few shall find it

You think him dead
We know he lives instead

His gift is for all
In comparison the price is small

You complain that we are exclusive
When really it is you who is being reclusive

You scream that the light brings only pain
That the darkness is to blame is plain

the darkness covers up all of those offensive wrinkles you claim
I know that this only gives you time to relish that which should bring you shame

Welcome the light
Dispel the night

He can free your soul
He wants to make you whole

You thank me and say:
"Now I have seen the way and never will I stray"

I have given my argument a hundred tries
I lose many but open others eyes

For these reasons I cannot be silent
Because soon I will have used up all of the days I was lent

It's not perfect but it's something that says something that I hope you understand.

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